Maverick Program Award Recipients


Congratulations to our 2021 Maverick Program award recipients!


The following practitioners have been named a VCS Maverick by their peers. Their progressive, innovative ideas have been recognized for the lasting impact they will have on medical aesthetics!


Patrick Bitter Jr., MD - Shining A New Light on IPL

Suneel Chilukuri, MD - A Novel Pigment Corrector with Clinical Evidence: Stabilized-Cysteamine 5% Cream

Joel Cohen, MD - Subject Satisfaction with Semi-Annual Treatments of AbobotulinumtoxinA is High Among Both Previously Treated and Toxin-Naïve Cohorts

Stella Desyatnikova, MD - Treatment of Filler Related Vascular Occlusion Using Handheld Portable Ultrasound Device

Sabrina Fabi, MD - Combination Methods to Treat the Lower Face and Neck and Combining Biostimulators and HA for Full Facial Restoration

Neil Gordon, MD - Evidence-Based Approach to Facial Rejuvenation - Validating the Surgical Model and Pearls From 25 Years of Deep Plane Rhytidectomy and Revision Rhytidectomy: Understanding Etiology to Produce Predictable Outcomes

Sherrif Ibrahim, MD - Evaluation of a Novel 1927 nm Laser in Combination with Broad Band Light for Treatment of Photoaging and Pigmentation

Jonathan Kaplan, MD - The Single Incision Minimally Invasive (SIMI) Neck Lift

Kian Karimi, MD - The Role of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Rhinoplasty

Terrence Keaney, MD - Delayed Filler Nodules: What We Know and Don’t Know

Khalil Khatri, MD - Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

John Joseph, MD - A Potential Cure for Acute Bell’s Palsy and The Road to Patenting this Indication

Wendy Lee, MD - Periocular Rejuvenation with Injections and Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty 101

Jennifer Levine, MD - Contouring the Lower Face - Not Your Mother’s Facelift

Sean Paul, MD - Percutaneous Light-Guided Suture Suspension Combined with Energy-Based Skin Tightening: A Complete Solution for the Aging Neck

Steven Pearlman, MD - Why are Crooked Noses and Faces More Prevalent Now More than Ever?

Renato Saltz, MD - Abdominoplasty Pearls

Sachin Shridharani, MD - Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling After Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum-aaes (CCH) Subcutaneous Injection: Evidence from Porcine and Human Studies

Robyn Siperstein, MD - Advance Filler & Toxin: Top 5 Pearls

Ben Talei, MD - Deep Plane Face and Neck Lifting Modifications and Advanced Lip Design Using the Deep Plane Lip Lift Technique - A Novel Approach to Lip and Corner Lift